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You are on your way...

You deserve to have a romance with life, partner with your future successful self and create empowered client interactions forever. 


Think about this: When you harness your emotional intelligence and increase your deservability- You have more fulfilling relationships, greater success in your business, and a massive impact as a leader in your industry. Step into a life where your desires and goals manifest into freedom in every way. You deserve that freedom. It's time to break free from what's holding you back.

And this new life begins with a choice and a partnership. First, a partnership with the idea that more opportunities are at your fingertips than you realize. Then, choose a program that will support, hold you accountable and stretch you to become one with your goals as they align with your vision. 

Your time is NOW.  Choose to make moves, experience your moment and transform your vision into reality with the Find Your Freedom Program.   You deserve to access your limitless potential. It all begins with gaining direction, so you start to make empowered decisions to get to the destination of your Future Successful Self. Click "book a call" for access to your 30-minute Direction session with me. You deserve it! 

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Business and Life Coach
and Creator of The Law of Deservability

"We as business owners and Entrepreneurs create our reality, relationships, and business -not based on desire -but what we believe we deserve. High Deservability is the foundation of every successful business and is the basis of all my programs".


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Hear what others have to say about Finding their Freedom...

Sales Podcast with Harry Spaight
Sarah Freeman - Entrepreneur
Mike Shapiro - CEO of Tapinto
Helena Smolock testimonial.jpeg

Helena Smolock,
Founder and President at Velocity Athletic Training

"If you are looking to elevate your business by attracting your ideal clients then I definitely recommend Bridget. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and a great mentor."

Peter O'Hara testimonial.jpeg

Peter O'Hara,
Peter O'Hara Photopgraphy

"Bridget's insights into human behavior and how to alter it to become successful is significant. And on top of that, she really cares very much about providing outstanding service to others. I highly recommend working with Bridget!"

Evelyn- testimonial.jpeg

Evelyn Shaw Corley,
Mrs. Evelyn International Academy

"Bridget is an absolute inspirational rockstar! She is the magical ingredient for growing your business- and your confidence! I highly recommend her. "

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Denise VanNoy,
CDB, Fit and Balanced Bookkeeping

"Bridget is both motivational & inspirational. She will change your business & your life."

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Peter Biadasz,
Total Publishing and Media

"Bridget is a great listener with a very insightful mind and fresh perspective. If you want to grow, personally or professionally, schedule a coaching time with Bridget Hom!"

Pam Cappucio.jpeg

Pam Cappucio,
Credit Create 

"Bridget is an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge. She truly can change your life. I recommend everyone give her a try. you will be amazed!"


Find Your Freedom    Program

The one-on-one customized coaching experience is for you if you are a startup entrepreneur who needs a game plan to launch or for the successful entrepreneur who is burned out and needs to get re-inspired again and claim balance in life and business. Gain a FREE direction session one-on-one with me here to see if this is right for you now.

12 - 60 Minute sessions

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Mindset & Strategy Consulting

This one-on-one consulting session is designed for the business owner or entrepreneur who is ready to create customized communications, marketing, branding, and powerful mindset strategies for their business growth and life direction in order to launch into inspired action!

60 Minutes

8-Weeks Self Paced Find Your Freedom Program

This on-demand actionable program helps you to partner with your future successful self, develop a romance with life and create empowered client interactions forever. This includes access to the group coaching experience in FIND YOUR FREEDOM LIVE. 

8 Weeks

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Are You Ready to Become the Influence in Your Life and Business?

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